Travel Botswana

Travel Botswana

Luxury Travel to the Botswana Safari

The appeal of travel to Africa's beautiful countries is due to the immense wealth of beauty, raw nature, and diverse cultures. Its allure is also in its mystery and promise of adventure. Perhaps the most surprising gem of all is Botswana with its dazzling sunsets, wide array of wildlife, rich cultural heritage and art, spectacular views no matter where one turns. In the midst of untamed natural beauty, proud Botswana invites you to discover luxury...

Traveling With Friends

My mother used to say visitors were like fresh fish, great for the first two days, OK for the next day but that they start getting a little hard to bear on day four, as for days five and onwards, the fish or the friends....a little hard to bear!

Africa Botswana Travel & Tips Information

Once upon a time a river took a journey and lost its way in the desert. Instead of drowning in despair, it luxuriated in its solitude, spread its liquid resource into a delta and created nature's greatest kaleidoscope. It became known by the mokoro boatmen as Okavango. It became known by conservationists as the jewel of the Kalahari.

Explore The Majesty Of Africa On Your Botswana Safari

Botswana is a small country with a big heart. The population is very sparse and most of the country is semi-desert but Botswana sports a gigantic array of wildlife. If you are thinking about taking a safari in Botswana you are really in for a treat. The country boasts some of the best game parks and nature reserves in the world.

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