Religion Botswana

Religion Botswana

Diamonds Around the World


Interview with Peter Davies - Author of "Scatterlings of Africa"

Interview with Peter Davies author of Scatterlings of Africa Literally Publishing Limited (2006) ISBN 9780955440908 Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (4/07)

Hoodia - What is This Amazing Stuff?

The first time I heard about hoodia, it sounded like some kind of cultic religion. However, it turned out to be something quite good that helps people with weight loss.

The Story of a Gem Collector

The Neanderthal man possessed it, He would carry it as a Talisman or adorn his Lady Love and Children with it. He created it by rubbing Sand on the mesmeric waxy stones (Chalcedony) near the river or Lake and drill small holes in them to help hanging it as an ornament for the Neck or simply tie it around his waist. It also helped him to tear Flesh, tear Leather, Cut through flesh and bones...

Top 5 Books That Will Increase Your Thinking!

I have done a lot of reading for the past year because I am interested in the subjects of self-development and wealth. So I felt it fair to share with my readers, the 5 books that have changed my thinking forever. I will share them with you and the lessons I have learned. I hope that you will individually take a moment of your time to purchase or read these books.

History and Symbolism of the Gold Snake Ring

Snake rings of various materials including gold, silver and platinum have become highly fashionable over the last few years. Though some women refuse to wear them because they associate the snake with fear, others find them irresistible: love or hate the emotion invoked always seems to be intense. Perhaps for this reason the archeological evidence shows people have cherished snake rings since well before history was first recorded.

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