Governance Botswana

Governance Botswana

Botswana Emerges as an Up Market Safari Destination

Botswana is a country of seemingly endless open spaces. Though it occupies an area the size of France, the human population is only 1.6 million. This is one country where wildlife does not face stiff competition for land resources from man. As a result the animals have multiplied with a flourish. Botswana can justifiably claim to host some of the finest game sanctuaries in Africa. The worlds’ largest exporter of diamonds by value, the country...

Botswana - Perfect Country For Safari Adventures

If you are looking for an amazing African vacation try a Botswana Safari Holiday. The wildlife and landscape of this African country are simply awe inspiring. Watching wildlife safari on The Discovery Channel or on National Geographic is one thing, nice but ho hum. Seeing it with your own eyes, smelling it and hearing it in person is the ultimate travel experience.

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