Geography Botswana

Geography Botswana

The Five Best Places to See Wildlife

If seeing the diversity of the world's wildlife is something that appeals to you, then you need to travel around this world to see the incredible species and sights on offer. From Brazil to Botswana, there are awe inspiring things to see for all.

Quick Facts About Zambia Safari

Zambia Safari is one of the most sought after safaris and in this article we will discuss quick facts that make Zambia Safari so popular such as the exotic location, the wildlife and the scenic beauty of Zambia.

Visit the Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta or Okavango Swamp is found in Botswana. It's also the world's largest inland delta. The delta is formed in the region where the Okavango River empties onto the swamp in the Kalahari Desert. From here most of the water is lost through evaporation and transpiration. However the water doesn't end up into the sea but used for irrigation. Some of the water is used to irrigate about 15,000km2 of agricultural land. There rest...

Explore Zambia

Zambia is an African country that is landlocked in nature. It's found on the Southern part of Africa. The capital city is called Lusaka and it's located in the south- central part of the country. It gained independence in 1964 from the British and the first president was the famous Kenneth Kaunda who is still living. The name of the country was derived from River Zambezi the biggest river in the country. The country neighbors...

African Safaris

Africa is one of the greatest destination on earth. It's wild dark and mysterious. Many people are frightened by this, but as someone who has grown up in Africa I can say that it really is a exiting place. The beauty of Africa is something few places in the world could rival with.

Choose an Experienced Travel Company For Your Next African Safari

Experiencing an African Safari is unlike any other adventure you might try. There are many types of African safaris to thrill and satisfy event the most adventure-thirsty thrill seeker. This type of "holiday" is such a unique outing that most people depend upon the services of a reputable and experienced African Safari travel company to handle all the arrangements. However, before you simply ring up a choice from a brief Internet search, you should collect...

David Livingstone - Explorer and Missionary

Missionary and explorer, David Livingstone made his mark in the annals of history. Born in the industrial west of Scotland in 1813, his family poor in wealth but rich in beliefs. By the age of 10, David was working in the cotton mills and engaged in every book he could find building his own education through the written word. David went onto to study medicine in London Hospitals and theology in his spare time. Convinced...

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