Education Botswana

Education Botswana

Learn Tswana! Before Your Botswana Safari!

If you are heading on a Botswana safari, or are just interested in learning several phrases in less-known languages, then Tswana or Setswana, a Southern African language spoken by over 4 million people, is one to look into. It is the official language of Botswana, but is also spoken in wider Southern Africa and, in terms of first languages, is the sixth most common in South Africa.

A Luxury Family Safari to Botswana

Choose a Luxury Family Safari in Botswana

The African Adventure Safaris Can Be an Educational and Exciting Adventure

Options are really not much of concern for people considering African adventure safaris. In fact, it could even be somewhat of a problem trying to narrow down the list of destinations for such a safari, which can often be overwhelming. This is especially true for the person who is planning their very first trip to the wilds of Africa to experience wildlife safaris.

Ways to Achieve Educational and Professional Success

Some institutions aim at promoting excellence at every level of graduate education. They have a dynamic community of students, teachers and researchers who strive to achieve both, educational and professional success.

Is Online Education A Better Option Than Classroom Learning?

Today, technology has joined hands with education. The concept of conventional learning in classrooms for long hours is gradually losing its importance with the initiation of technologies that has made students and career professionals pursue higher studies right from their very own homes. However, distance learning is not something that emerged lately. In fact, it has been three to four decades when online education spread to different corners of the world. Today, the majority of...

Your Next African Safari Adventure Starts Here

Choice is never an issue when considering an African Safari with prospective safari seekers presented with any number of destinations, each offering it's own unique twist on adventure and education. Let's face it, an African Safari shouldn't just be a sight-seeing tour, it should also be an educational experience, one which should leave a lasting impression and a lifetime of memories.

Safari Destinations in Southern Africa

Deciding to go on a Safari is not as easy as it sounds, there are many Safari destinations available in southern Africa (as Botswana safari) choosing where to go can be one of the biggest decisions of all.

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