Demographics Botswana

Demographics Botswana

The Users of Phone Service VOIP

Internet, phone service VOIP, cell phones and two-way talking televisions are fast taking over our culture. It is for this reason that we need to become educated about these aspects so that we can properly combat the aspects of these issues that are to come.

Opinion: Quota Terrorism in Nigeria, Boko Haram and Their Supporters

Quota Terrorism in Nigeria and the supporters of Boko Haram

Environmental Issues For Real - Population Growth

Twenty years ago I wrote an article entitled "What's in a number?" It was about the challenge of a rapidly growing elephant population in northern Botswana that was confined to a large but finite area. At the time the wildlife managers, scientists and conservationists close to the problem argued incessantly about exactly how many elephants there were. Was it 80,000, or 110,000 or 92,421?

The Peril and Promise of Population Growth in Emerging Markets

According to estimates from the United Nations (UN), the world will have more than nine billion people by the year 2050, up from seven billion in 2011 and up from six billion in 1999. In the eyes of many analysts and concerned citizens, such rapid population growth will lead to a host of problems, from resource wars to urban overcrowding to environmental degradation.

The EFTA-SACU Agreement - Connecting Countries Through Trade

Free trade agreements are typically established between countries that share various demographics in common - most notably proximity. Countries that enter into treaties with neighboring countries demonstrate their willingness to remove tariffs on goods that cross borders, and in turn the respective governments attempt to reconcile political and other differences through cooperative trade. When countries firmly established in one FTA work toward expanding the agreement to include other nations, the opportunity for improvement in economy...

Globalisation Between Promotion And Demotion - A Look Into The Phenomenon Of Immigration

For long ignored or considered marginal, international immigration recently erupted on the world agenda as, traditional destination countries suddenly realised the intensity of the phenomenon. Understood as the intensification of exchanges worldwide, globalisation has often been seen through transfers of capital, goods or information. The permanent or temporary residence of a person in a country different from his original country or a country he claims citizenships as we define immigration, implies the sharing of the...

How To Export Wholesale Merchandise To Africa

Exporting wholesale merchandise to Africa requires an understanding of the needs of the market which you are selling to, an ability to supply products at competitive prices, and the logistical ability to deliver the wholesale merchandise in a timely, cost effective, and safe manner. To run a successful wholesale business that sells to African stores, you will need to ensure that you can address each of the following steps.

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