Arts Botswana

Arts Botswana

A-Z of Botswana Safari Holidays (Almost)

If you're heading off on a Botswana safari, there's plenty to explore in this rich area of Southern Africa. From art to wildlife, here's an (almost) A-Z of Botswana safari holidays.

Botswana Culture

Once the pressing need for a unifying national culture was fulfilled, multiculturalism came to be accepted in Botswana. Based on Setswana culture, Botswana's national culture is representative of the growth of a distinct Botswana nationality defined within state borders, which also absorbs elements of postcolonial English culture. Today, the dominant national culture of Botswana reflects the dual heritage and intermingling of Tswana and English cultural dominions. Nowadays, members of the country's ruling circles are equally...

Explore Gaborone As Part of Your Botswana Safari

For most holidaymakers planning a Botswana safari holiday, their adventures are going to start and end in Botswana's vibrant capital city, Gaborone. Bursting with colour, culture and history, this is a destination just waiting to be explored. Why not give yourself a few days in Gaborone and take advantage of all it has to offer?

What to See on Your Holidays in Botswana

With an economy closely tied to South Africa's mining, tourism and cattle, the Republic of Botswana is predominantly flat. It is home to vast number of national parks and game reserves and has an abundance of wildlife and wetlands. Formerly a protectorate of Britain, it is bordered by South Africa in the south and south east, Namibia to the west, Zambia to the north, and Zimbabwe to the north east.

Try Botswana Safaris for a Unique Vacation

Botswana Safaris offer a fabulous way for you to enjoy a unique vacation away from the main drag of the busy Kruger National Park in South Africa. Situated to the north west of Pretoria, Botswana safari holidays tend to focus around the large desert parks - the Kalahari Desert covers a large proportion of Botswana, consisting of sandy soil, grasslands and wooded savannah, perfect for game, big cats and a wide variety of other animals.

A Botswana Safari Holiday - See the Greatest Wildlife Sanctuary on Earth

Botswana is bordered by Namibia to the west and north and Zimbabwe to the northeast. The most magnificent feature about Botswana is the Okavango Delta which is a lush beautiful oasis which lies right in the midst of this sun-baked, arid land and is considered to be the greatest wildlife sanctuary on the face of the earth.

Botswana - Totally Adventurous!

Do you remember the story of Xi, a Bushman of the Kalahari Desert? In other words, have you watched the movie The Gods Must be Crazy? 0f you've then you will also remember the fascinating scenes from Botswana. If not, you will be able to imagine by the help of our article and videos about Botswana soon. First of all, you must know that we are talking about adventure. In other words, there are too...

Botswana Holiday - Enjoy an Exclusive Holiday in Africa

Botswana is the most beautiful and wonderful African destinations, particularly famous for its exotic and unmatched blend of tourism, wildlife and culture. The country provides the one-stop destination for wildlife lovers and eco-tourists, offering its diverse combination of beautiful landscapes and some of the biggest populations of different species of wildlife found in Africa. Botswana has many cultural and historical heritages but the national parks are considered the most popular places to visit. Here is...

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